The North Houston BEST hub organizes and hosts all BEST events for Montgomery County and North Harris County area high schools and middle schools. The materials are provided to each school free of charge, so each BEST robotics hub must obtain funding to purchase materials for robots and the course and to host all events.

If you are interested in promoting science, engineering, and technology to enthusiastic youth, contact GJ Snyder (hubdirector@northhoustonbest.org) about becoming a sponsor. Everyone who attends the events is excited to see the innovation and spirit of the students. Seeing the results makes it all worthwhile! If you’d like to see what a BEST sponsorship does for our future engineers and scientists, please view our slide presentation.

Check our front page to see a list of current sponsors

Past Sponsors
Since 1999, the following sponsors have allowed North Houston BEST to "Boost Engineering, Science, and Technology" in the North Harris/Montgomery County area. Please join us in thanking them for their support.