RAD to the Core (2001)
2001 Logo With nuclear reactors overheating, robots were required to hit an emergency cooling switch, remove fuel rods from the reactors and place them in the Multi-Tube Containtment Vessels. All this had to be done while the robots rode on a rail five feet off the ground.

Competition Results (View Photos)
Robotics Competition Winners
1stWoodlands Homeschoolers
2ndCy-Falls High School
3rdCaney Creek High School
BEST Award Winners
1stThe Woodlands Homeschoolers
2ndConroe High School
3rdSt. Agnes Academy
Founders Award for Creative Design
Caney Creek High School
Most Robust Machine
Caney Creek High School
Most Elegant Machine
Branch Crossing Junior High School
Most Photogenic Machine
Woodlands Homeschoolers
Engineering Award
St. Agnes Academy

Other teams that competed and had lots of fun in 2001:
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Competition Day

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