Warp X (2002)
2002 Logo A bizarre set of circumstances contributed to the formation of a localized rotating micro black hole. This disturbed the space-time continuum, and pieces from previous BEST games were trapped in the past on the other side of the black hole! The mission of our teams was to build a robot that would traverse the rotating black hole and rescue the displaced game pieces.

Competition Results (View Photos)
Robotics Competition Winners
1stCollins Intermediate/Junior High
2ndCypress Springs
3rdThe Academy of Science & Technology
BEST Award Winners
1stConroe High School
2ndWoodlands Homeschoolers
3rdCypress Springs High School
Founders Award for Creative Design
Cypress Springs
Most Robust Machine
Collins Intermediate/Junior High
Most Elegant Machine
Collins Intermediate/Junior High
Most Photogenic Machine
St. Agnes Academy
Engineering Award
Woodlands Homeschoolers

Other teams that competed and had lots of fun in 2002:
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Course Construction
Course Construction

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Kickoff Day
Kickoff Day

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Demo Day
Demo Day

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Competition Day

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