BEST Fever (2004)
2004 Logo Alas, poor Squeaky has been feeling under the weather. Squeaky has a severe case of BEST FEVER. His system must be treated radically. Only gene therapy can cure him, his DNA must be repaired. Let's all work together to save Squeaky so he will be at his BEST for another 10 years!

Competition Results (View Photos)
Robotics Competition Winners
1stThe Woodlands High School
2ndCy-Springs High School
3rdThe Academy of Science & Technology
BEST Award Winners
1stThe Woodlands Homeschoolers
2ndMcCullough High School
3rdThe Woodlands High School
Founders Award for Creative Design
The Academy of Science & Technology
Most Robust Machine
Cy-Springs High School
Most Elegant Machine
The Woodlands High School
Most Photogenic Machine
St. Agnes Academy
Five Star Award
McCullough High School

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Kickoff Day
Kickoff Day

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Demo Day
Demo Day

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Competition Day
Competition Day

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