Mission to Hubble (2005)
2005 Logo On this complex task, 4 robots will work together to repair the Hubble space telescope. New gyro/battery units and a de-orbit rocket engine have been launched and are waiting in orbit on 4 specially designed Space Tugs. Orbital rendezvous between the BEST servicing robot, the Space Tug and the Hubble can only be maintained for 3 minutes. Robots that complete the mission the quickest will be awarded all future servicing contracts. In the event none of the robots can complete the mission before the rendezvous time expires, robots completing the most mission critical tasks will be considered for future contracts.

Texas BEST Regional Winners from North Houston BEST (View Photos)
Robotics Competition Winners
1stHumble High School
BEST Award Winners
3rdThe Woodlands Homeschoolers

Competition Results (View Photos)
Robotics Competition Winners
1stThe Woodlands College Park High School
2ndHumble High School
3rdThe Academy of Science & Technology
BEST Award Winners
1stThe Woodlands Homeschoolers
2ndSt. Agnes Academy
3rdThe Woodlands High School
Founders Award for Creative Design
The Academy of Science & Technology
Most Robust Machine
Humble High School
Most Elegant Machine
The Woodlands College Park High School
Most Photogenic Machine
The Academy of Science & Technology
Five Star Award
Angelina County Homeschoolers
Teams highlighed in green advanced to the Texas BEST regional competition at SMU

Demo Day Results (View Photos)
Highest Average Score
Angelina Homeschool
Highest Total Score
The Woodlands College Park High School
TeamGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Game 11TotalAverage
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ASHP00 2241.0
Academy S&T260202122.0
Angelina Homeschool1010018422466.6
St. Agnes2022222121.7
Woodlands HS02020.7
Woodlands Homeschool02214210210425.3
College Park22142241044102565.1

Photos (94 Photos - View All)
Demo Day
Demo Day

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Competition Day
Competition Day

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Texas BEST Regional Competition
Texas BEST Regional Competition

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