Score Calculator
To assist teams, we have created a score calculator (similar to the Excel file available under the offical contest documents). Type in numbers below and the point totals will be calculated automatically.

Note: This calculator was updated on 10/08/10 due to an incorrect calculation of sigma values. They are now calculated as indicated in the rules (7.2 S5 - DPMO will be rounded to the nearest value in Table 1.)

Note: This calculator was based on the version 1.2 of the game rules and version 1.3 of the Excel scoresheet. Changes may occur in later drafts or via questions on the Q&A list which may not be represented in the calculator. The sigma multiplier and point totals are calculated based on the current and past gadets and gizmos. During the competition the sigma multiplier and point totals will be reset after the seeding rounds and after the wildcard match.