It is for these reasons that BEST Genetics decided to investigate genetically engineering various types of bugs. They put thousands of man hours and a great deal of capital into creating more advanced bugs. Everything was on track for some major breakthroughs; that is, until yesterday. The containment area on three different habitats failed and some genetically engineered flies, cockroaches, and termites escaped from the laboratory. This could be catastrophic for not only BEST Genetics, but for the environment at large. When introducing a new organism into an environment, there may be unanticipated side effects that could drastically affect human health and the surrounding ecosystem. Companies that have not listened to these warnings have been fined and sued. Therefore, it is imperative that BEST Genetics captures and controls these bugs as quickly and safely as possible.

Competition Results
Robotics Competition Winners
1stYoung Scholars Homeschool
2ndStrake Jesuit
3rdCypress Springs High School
4thAcademy of Science & Technology
BEST Award Winners
1stThe Woodlands Homeschoolers
2ndYoung Scholars Homeschool
3rdSaint Agnes Academy
Founders Award for Creative Design
Young Scholars Homeschool
Most Robust Machine
Humble CATE
Most Elegant Machine
Cypress Springs High School
Most Photogenic Machine
East Early College High School
Five Star Award
Strake Jesuit
Teams highlighed in green advanced to the Texas BEST regional competition at the University of North Texas

Schedule (More Details)
  • Kickoff Day - 09/03/10 @ LSC - Montgomery
  • Demo Day - 10/08/10 @ LSC - Montgomery
  • Game Day - 10/14/10 & 10/15/10 @ Moorhead Junior High
The following teams are scheduled to compete in our 2011 competition:
  • Academy of Science & Health Professionals
  • Academy of Science & Technology
  • Cypress Creek High School
  • Cypress Springs High School
  • East Early College High School
  • Humble CATE
  • John Cooper School
  • Klien High School
  • Saint Agnes Academy
  • Strake Jesuit
  • The Woodlands High School
  • The Woodlands Homeschoolers
  • Young Scholars Homeschool
Game Details